2017 Goals

I dub 2017 the year of taking chances.  I have always been someone who has dreamed big but there has always been a small part of me too scared to take those huge leaps in life.  It was in a conversation with my brother that I decided it was time that I finally take control of my life and go for the gold.  When I asked him if he thought my goal PR half marathon time was attainable he said, “That’s the problem with you pessimists, you always aim too low.” Its sad for me to admit but yes I am someone who looks at the glass half empty.  While I have a good attitude about life I try not to get my hopes up so that I am not disappointed.  Between my brother’s optimism and Drew’s amazing outlook on life I have started to shift this attitude and it […]

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2016: The Year of Firsts

Wow, what a year it has been.  I think the older we get the faster the time goes and this year really flew by.  2016 was the year of many firsts in my life- both personally and athletically.  I’ll do the best I can to sum all of it up since so much happened! Travel Drew and I love to travel.  Since we have started dating we have gone on a number of overseas trips as well as local expeditions.  Besides the usual weekend trips to Lake Placid and out to Drew’s family’s lake house we also took some big trips this year.  The biggest and best was to AUSTRALIA!!  My mom is from there (fun fact, I’m a dual citizen!) and her whole family still lives there so it was a such a treat to be able to see all of them and introduce them to Drew.  We also did […]

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Treadmill Tips

Now that winter days are upon us it is inevitable that treadmill (aka “dreadmill” runs) are going to happen.   With dark mornings and nights and icy roads it’s often the safer option.  I hate the treadmill as much as the next person so here are some tips that I use to make it the best experience possible! Be comfortable! Wear what makes you comfortable, remember you are inside and will warm up quickly! I usually stick to a tank and shorts and its perfect. Play around with the settings.  Breaking the run into smaller segments and then changing the incline or the speed helps speed things up.  A lot of my treadmill runs end up being progression runs as I slowly increase the speed over time to help occupy by brain and legs. Get a jammin’ play list.  I never listen to music when I run outside (I’m a weirdo, I […]

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