Weekly Workouts- 4/24-4/30

Another week of workouts!  I can’t believe that April is already over, I swear time has been flying recently.  It’s weird because the days go slow but the weeks go fast. Anyways on to this week’s workouts.

Monday- Vinyasa Yoga

I got a package of yoga classes recently in the hopes of opening up my hips since after last race I had some angry hip flexors.  This class was different than the last but just as great and I really like the teacher.  I also like this a lot better than hot yoga which is just too much for my body.


Tuesday- Rest Day

Ice cream and catching up with a friend won today.

Wednesday- 4.5 miles (8:23 pace), Fartlek

10 min warm up

1 min on, 2 min off, 2 min on, 1 min off x3

1o min cool down

Oh man, ever have those days where everything is working against you on a run? That was today.  I was tired, my stomach hurt and it was hot.  I drove to a bike path near work because then I had no choice but to get it done.  I got this workout from my Believe Training journal and wow it was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  I really pushed during the “on” sections and while I didn’t feel my best I got in a decent run and got in some speed work.

Thursday- 5 miles (8:49 pace), Easy

Got up early for an easy run in my neighborhood and it was so much brighter and warmer than usual! I was loving it.  So many people out running and walking and I even saw 3 deer which I definitely wasn’t expecting! I was like “oh hey little guys” and totally scared one of them so he didn’t go across the road with his friends.  Happy that I am keeping easy runs easy, probably could have been even slower honestly and this 5-6 mile distance is starting to feel casual on a week day which is good.

Friday- 5 miles (8:14 pace), Failed Tempo

Well this didn’t go as planned.  I had the day off but had something going on all day so had to wait until late afternoon to get this done.  I ate a bunch of crackers before and then it was 80* (how?!).  Needless to say this didn’t go well.  I tried to get myself through but less than a mile in I knew it wasn’t happening.  I took it in stride, you can’t have a great workout every day and I learned a lesson.


Saturday- 4.6 miles (8:12 pace), The Long Run That Wasn’t

Oh vey, another failed workout.  I started off and for the first few miles I felt great! Probably because I was distracted by a million dogs in the park- I think there was some walk/run fundraiser for rescue dogs happening. They were all so cute!! Can I get a second dog…please?! Soon though everything started to feel heavy and uncomfortable.  I thought long and hard about whether this was me just feeling tired or if it was a real sign from my body.  I decided that my body was trying to tell me it was tired.  I definitely have been upping my mileage lately and pushing myself so I decided to call it early.  Missing one long run isn’t the end of the world. And I’m telling myself this means I will just be more rested for next week’s half 😉

Sunday- Unexpected Rest Day

Listening to my body and took another day off. Also got to meet up with a local triathlete my age, Carly, for coffee which was really fun!

Total- 19.2 miles 

Takeaways- This week was definitely rough for me and I was feeling the effects of training and life.  But I am taking it as it comes and not getting upset about it.  Excited for the half marathon next week and then onto tri training!

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