Week 2 – IMLP70.3

Week 2 is done and dusted! I didn’t hit all of my workouts (two a days is HARD) but I listened to my body and got in quality workouts.

Monday- 5/29

Total Rest Day

Tuesday- 5/30

RUN: 6x800s (Total: 6.59 miles @ 8:15)

A quiet morning on the track busting out some 800s. I felt super in control the whole time despite being super sleepy when I first got there. Splits: 3:23, 3:22, 3:21, 3:24, 3:23, 3:20.

Wednesday- 5/30

BRICK: BIKE- 1 hour intervals on the trainer, RUN- 5.26 miles @ 9:02

Waited until later at night to do this which is never really a good idea.  The bike felt good but the run, oof, not so much.  Too many veggies for dinner left me with an upset stomach and heartburn but I am proud of myself for getting through it.

Thursday- 6/1

SWIM: 400-300-200-100 (Total: 2000 yds at 2:04/100yd)

Got to the gym right as the doors opened, go me! The effects from the night before were still there but the workout went quickly so no complaints.


Friday- 6/2

RUN: Tempo Run (Total: 6.5 miles @8:03)

In case you didn’t see on Instagram this was done before my last day of work!! I am officially leaving the engineering world and heading back to school to become a teacher.  I am so excited for this next chapter and am definitely planning on writing a blog post soon about why I’m deciding to take this leap.  The workout called for 1 mi w/u, 2 mi @ 10K pace, .5 mi easy, 2 mi @ 10K pace, 1 mi c/d.  I never got in a good rhythm and my splits were all over the place- 2 miles 7:21, 7:10 and 7:00, 7:15.

Saturday- 6/3

BRICK: BIKE- 2ish hour ride (Total: 28.7 mi @ 15 mph), RUN- 2.13 miles @ 8:59

Okay, so maybe this week was more of a struggle than I thought.  From the get go my legs hurt on the bike and I swear it is just hill after hill for this route but I did manage to get through the two hours and then just did a shorter run where I focused on my heart rate.

Sunday- 6/4

RUN: Easy Long Run (10.3 mi @ 8:41)

Finally made it to the last day of the week!! This actually went pretty well and along the way we saw a bunch of cyclists who were out riding for Tour de Cure.  Then later that night we had a party to celebrate me being done with work…and I had a little too much fun and definitely negated some of this hard work, oops.

TOTALS:  Swim: 2000 yds

                   Bike: 3:55 hrs

                   Run: 30.8 miles

Thoughts: I am glad I listened to my body and skipped some of my workouts.  I do wish that I had done more swimming however.  Clearly running is the only one that I can consistently hit the mileage for. But this coming week I have nothing going on so it will be nice to be able to fit in all the workouts. High mileage week here I come!

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