About Me

Hi! My name is Fiona and I am ADK Tri Girl.  I have a love for everything adventure.  My heart belongs in the mountains and my feet belong in sneakers.  I started as a runner and have branched out to add triathlete to my resume. I am always down for a good adventure, from hiking to skydiving.  Can’t wait for you to follow along on my journey with me!



I graduated from Clarkson University (small school in the middle of no where NY) in 2014 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and now work in the industry.  I ran D3 Cross Country there my junior and senior year and loved every minute of it.  When I’m not on the work grind I like to decompress my doing what I love most- training and adventuring. I do this with my boyfriend and our dog Ubu in upstate NY where we live.  We regularly hike and ski in the Adirondacks (hence the blog name!) and love traveling to different states and countries.  

Seattle hidden lake
Oh and I’ll never say no to a glass of wine (or pint of beer) or a bowl of ice cream!